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We Invest in cryptocurrency blockchain assets

About Sioul Investments LLC

The cryptocurrency asset class is only in its infancy yet provides investors with an opportunity for exceptional investment returns.
Sioul Investments LLC allows investors to access the cryptocurrency asset class by way of diversification and diligence through investments we have in place across leading global cryptocurrency hedge funds.

The hedge funds we have exposure to, invest exclusively in highly liquid crypto assets and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). These hedge funds include some of the smartest and most respected cryptocurrency influencers and fund managers within the cryptocurrency space. This allows us to deliver investment returns well above those achieved by other asset classes while limiting downside risks.


Sioul Investments LLC has a clear objective. To provide investors with a single access point to a diversified portfolio of crypto assets in an effort to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns in crypto asset investing.


Investing 100% in the cryptocurrency asset class via gaining exposure to experienced and successful global based cryptocurrency hedge funds.


Our Approach

Sioul Investments LLC focusses on a risk minimisation approach to cryptocurrency investing. We mitigate the risks involved with directly investing into cryptocurrency, while capitalising on the high returns achieved within this emerging digital asset class.

Our fund of funds approach to cryptocurrency investing, shifts all of the risks associated with physical cryptocurrency investing to the experienced global cryptocurrency hedge funds our capital is deployed across. These crypto hedge funds have the experience, processes and systems, technology, trading algorithms, partnerships and human capital to effectively control any downside risks across a variety of market conditions.

Purchasing Cryptocurrency

This is complicated, time consuming and can have high fees.

Price Volatility & Trading Strategies

Crypto markets trade 24/7, are highly volatile and there are over 1,600 cryptocurrencies.

Market Knowledge & Insights

It’s becoming complicated to foresee market trends across the crypto space.

Challenges Faced When Investing Directly into Crypto

Storing Cryptocurrency

There are custodian issues around securely storing cryptocurrency from theft or loss.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s)

Access to ICO’s is starting to be restricted to those with huge amounts of capital.

Lack of Regulatory Oversight and Market Manipulation

Managing risks around market manipulation and future regulatory changes.

Crypto Insights

How Investment Banks are getting involved in cryptocurrency investing

During 2017 investment banks were observers in relation to investing in the cryptocurrency asset class. Some banks even declared cryptocurrency as a bubble and something which will disappear into the abyss over the coming years. However, what they say publicly and what they have dedicated teams locked up in...

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How payment and technology companies are embracing cryptocurrency

Many global technology companies have long seen how blockchain is going to transform their respective industries. These companies have made it a priority over the past years to start formulating and building a blockchain solution. We’ve outlined below a few examples around how over recent months some payment and...

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June Crypto Fund Performance

Sioul Investments LLC is a cryptocurrency fund based in USA who have capital deployed across global cryptocurrency funds. Crypto prices continued their pullback in June with the overall market cap reducing by 22% to USD257 Billion. The crypto hedge funds that we have capital deployed across, declined by 12% during...

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